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This page may answer the most common questions that you have

  1. What is book-keeping?
    This is the daily accounting process that you complete, or have me complete for you, that uses ordinary accounting software. This is done by entering data from invoice, bank statements etc into your system. This can also be using a manual cashbook - but often is computerized.
  2. Why differentiate from accounting?
    This is considered to be the end of year financial reports and tax returns that are produced from the day to day book-keeping
  3. What are the costs of each?
    Book-keeping is charged out at between $35.00 and $45.00 per hour. This is entirely dependant on the complexity of the work. End of year accounting is different - this is charged at a higher hourly rate because of the following:
    • Completed at my premises
    • Uses different accounting software
    • Rate depends on the work being completed
  4. Do you want a quote?
    Often the answer to this is YES and we will quote - sometimes this can be done but again if the work presented is in a
    messy format then the more time used the more the cost.
  5. Quotes -terms of trade for quotes. 
    This will be discussed at the first interview - it really is not possible to give more than a best guess (the possibility) via
    the telephone without meeting the person and discussing their needs and their method of book-keeping
  6. Why is the 1st appointment free?
    Easiest question to answer from my point of view - this is an ongoing realtionship that will develop between the client and me
    therefore you simply may not like me so therefore there is no charge. If we agree then my Terms of Trade are signed, the agreement
    to have me represent you as your Tax Agent is signed and we begin.
  7. Affordable fees?
    I have been able set the fees at affordable rates because this is a home based business - no huge overheads and because I currently
    do not employ any staff. When this happens my rate may have to change.
    So - take advantage now of the fees saved for your accounts.
  8. What else is there for me?
    You get a fast turn around so that your accounts and tax returns are filed on time. You get a complete IRD Tax Agency and the IRD EOT
    (Extension of Time) and your queries, if emailed to me, are answered within 1 working day.

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